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Comfact Client is a software that is installed internally. It is developed to allow for parts of the work, when using our Trust Services, to be under the sole control of the customer when required, such as when a document to be signed or validated cannot leave the internal network.

The functions in Comfact Client use the same general functions as those found in our trusted services.
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We provide our Trust Services as services to be used with no requirements for additional software to be installed.

We can provide our Trust Services to be installed and operated on premises when this is a requirement, although this quickly becomes expensive and complicated.

As Trust Services require an trustworthy infrastructure of hardware and software, with very rigorous working procedures, it is very complex and expensive to operate.

We have developed an alternative that makes use of our existing services with a client (installed on the premises) that handles sensitive personal or business information using our existing advanced infrastructure at a fraction of the cost.
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The Comfact Client internally gathers the details of a document required to create a digital signature and sends them to the Comfact Signature Services. A document digest is created and sent with authentication details to the Signature Service which returns the digital signature. After the client has received the digital signature, it inserts this into the original document, thereby creating the electronically signed document.

Technically, in this case, the client is the Signature Creation Application (SCA) and the Signature Service is the Server Signing Application (SSA).
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When a digital signature of a document is validated, the complete document is uploaded into a validation service. This means that the service receives documents with potentially sensitive contents.

Instead of uploading a complete document to a validation service, only the relevant parts - excluding any sensitive data - can be uploaded and validated with Comfact Client. 
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With Comfact Client you can orchestrate the signing process in different workflows.