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Flexible and efficient web forms
Developing web applications with forms may involve high development and licensing costs. With Comfact Forms, development costs are kept to a minimum, and license costs are avoided for fillable PDF forms. Comfact Forms has two parts:

Comfact Designer: for the development of form
Comfact Hubbus: to publish and handle forms
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Comfact Designer
With Comfact Designer, web forms can be created to be used in Hubbus, without you having to write a single line of code. Controls, calculations, and navigations can be entered in a simple way.
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Comfact Hubbus
Hubbus, which stands for "Hub for Business" is a web application for using and managing web forms.
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Collection, processing, and distribution of information in a secure and structured way
Integration with existing business and web applications
Quick and easy development of your own forms
Electronic signature of forms with ProSale Signing
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The Comfact Forms project started in 1998 as a research project within a European Union Fifth Framework Research and Development program, called IQML - (Intelligent Questionnaire Markup Language). The program aimed to find a solution for efficient data collection.

One result of this research was the development of an XML structure to represent "intelligent" questionnaires. When it was subsequently accepted by the EU as a recommended solution for data collection, it was called XML4DR: XML for Data Reporting. XML4DR is a very central part of Comfact Forms. With this structure, intelligent forms are created and used. After the research project ended in 2002, the development of Comfact Forms continued.

Functions and features are developed as new requirements are discovered.

Developing a form for the web can take time and be very expensive. With Comfact Designer, web forms can be created easily and securely. These can be used in Comfact Hubbus.

Click the link to use Comfact Designer free of charge and without obligations:

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Key features:
  • Controls such as text boxes, radio buttons and checkboxes can be placed using "drag and drop"
  • Calculations are created by marking fields and entering operators
  • Validations are made for fields and error/warning messages are displayed in the appropriate language
  • A form can contain multiple languages
  • Code lists (with several languages) are used for drop-lists and radio button groups
  • Pre-filling of fields is used to reduce users' work
  • Navigation e.g. locking/unlocking fields depends on other fields' contents
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After you have started Comfact Designer, enter a title and - if desired - a short text introduction. Sections and sub-sections can be created to represent the structure of the form. In each section, controls, validations, and texts can be entered. During development, the form can be previewed and tested just as it will work in Comfact Hubbus.

When the form is completed, it is saved locally on the user's computer. When it is time to use the form in Comfact Hubbus, the user must log in as an administrator, load, and set the properties of the form. The form is now ready to be used on the Internet.
Hubbus, which stands for "Hub for Business," is a versatile web application with a large number of different usages, such as data collection, e-collaboration, and the handling of web forms. Hubbus is like a hub for a business which spokes connect to. Spokes can be, for example, an information exchange or collaboration with customers, suppliers, or employees of a company. Hubbus is easy to use and integrate with existing business applications.

Many organizations are using the web for electronic commerce or for the collection and dissemination of information with forms. Forms can be prepared and maintained for a fraction of the price of a bespoke web design.

Developing a professional web application with forms often means high development costs. Many functions in a web application are similar, such as creating a web form with the validation or management of user accounts. Hubbus offers the possibility to create advanced web applications, without programming or high development costs.
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Key features:
  • Collection, processing, and distribution of information in a secure and structured way
  • Integration with existing business and web applications
  • Quick and easy development of your own forms
  • Electronic delegation and signature of critical business transactions
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The service:
Hubbus is a service that is provided by Comfact AB. A subscription means that a "Hub" is created that can be used by the subscriber in daily activities. In the subscription, it is possible to use existing web forms such as registration forms, invoices, travel claims and agreements. The subscription also includes the free use of the Comfact Designer to develop new web forms or change existing forms.