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On this page you can find documents and certificates related to our products and services.
Certification Practice Statement (CPS)
Comfact's Certification Practice Statement describing our practice for issuing and managing digital certificates and how we handle elements of security processes.

Time Stamping Authority (TSA)
Comfact's Time Stamping statement specifying policy and security requirements relating to the operation and management practices of Comfact’s issuing of time-stamps.

Comfact Certificates
Certificates issued by Comfact Certificate Services under Comfact's Certification Practice Statement that are used in a variety of applications to establish integrity, authenticity, and confidentiality.

Certificate Revocation List (CRL)
CRLs issued by Comfact Certificate Services in conformance to RFC 5280.

Other Documents
Other relevant documents

Validating Digital Signatures in Adobe Reader
Adobe Reader
Download this certificate and import it in Adobe reader to validate the digital signatures accordingly. NOTE: don't forget to extract the file in the .zip folder before importing the certificate in Abobe Reader.