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Secure business documents
Protect documents from alterations and proves their origin


Today many documents are sent from organisations such as invoices, booking confirmations, and diplomas. In many cases such documents benefit by being sealed in order to confirm their origin and integrity.

Seals are used by legal persons to ensure the origin and integrity of a document. An electronic seal is not the electronic signature of a legal person on a document.
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With Comfact Seal Services, documents can be sealed in a simple and secure way by a legal person. The most efficient way to handle seals is from a business application using our Comfact API. An internal control mechanism ensures that only the natural persons or application entitled to act on behalf of the legal entity can seal the documents.

The services can also be used from a web page with different options, such as single or batch sealing of documents.


A seal is the electronic equivalent of a digital signature applied to a document to guarantee its origin and integrity. Comfact Seal works much in the same way as Comfact Signature, with the difference that Comfact Seal is used by a legal person such as a company, municipality, or university.

A seal can be applied by more than one physical person or business application within an organisation which are entitled to act on behalf of the legal entity.
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Improved legal standing
Protect documents that you distribute from alteration and reassure readers that it originates from you. Improve the trust and confidence of receivers of your document
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Total integration and control
Produce sealed documents directly from your business applications and under your full control
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Reduce work and lead time
When sealing a document, you reduce the work and lead time if the alternative is to produce the information on paper. Improve your business efficiency and reduce your costs
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Reduce your ecological footprint
Sealing documents and distributing them electronically reduce your carbon emissions by not using and transporting paper
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Reduce direct costs with 80%
Reduce costs for printing, postage, envelopes, and paper by eliminating paper and its transportation
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General Data Protection Regulation
If the documents you seal contain personal data, GDPR applies. Comfact Seal is designed to protect sensitive personal and business information