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Protects your digital assets


With Comfact Preservation Services, documents or data that are signed, sealed, or timestamped (with digital signatures) are protected for the long term.

As digital signatures use cryptographic algorithms which evolve over time as weaknesses are discovered, your documents and data need to be augmented according to new algorithms in order to retain their probative value.

A challenge in the area is that of "quantum safe cryptography" which we follow closely in order to provide solutions that match our customers’ requirements.


In the paper world, the preservation of documents and information is easy: you just put them in binders, and their probative value decreases as the print fades away, which normally takes a long time.

With electronic documents and data, it is a different scenario as formats and algorithms can change rapidly as vulnerabilities are discovered.

Not all documents and data need long-term preservation. It depends on the timeframe within which it should undauntedly be valid. For long-term archives, it is normally a requirement for long-term preservation functions to be used.