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Electronic signatures reduce costs while improving the efficiency and legal sustainability of signed documents.

There are different ways to sign a document electronically, from writing your name with your finger on a touchpad to signing a document using a personal card and card reader locally on your computer, all with different probative values.

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The most important aspect when selecting a signature solution and provider is your requirements, which can include:
  • What legal value do you want your signed documents to have?
  • Should all signed documents have the same legal value?
  • Do you want to integrate with your existing Business Applications?
  • Which cost per signature is acceptable?
  • How can your signatories practically be identified?
  • How securely are your signatories identified?
  • Is the data to be signed strictly confidential or very sensitive?
  • etc.
There are a number aspects that needs to be considered and most organisations have different requirements. Comfact can assist you in investigating how your specific requirements can be fulfilled - contact us.
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Signature services normally provide similar results in a digitally signed document according to a signature format. The eIDAS Regulation defines a number of signature formats such as XAdES-LT, PAdES-LTA, CAdES-B, etc. and there are 13 available formats. These formats are very technical and the only difference between them is how the PKI digital signature is packaged.

You normally do not need to decide on which signature format to use, but you need to decide on the types of documents that you accept e.g. PDF or XML.

An aspect that you must consider carefully is that of how a signer has been identified and authenticated in order to be authorized to sign.
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Different solutions provide various levels of legal sustainability when evaluating who signed what, how, and when. It is important to choose the solution that provides the required level of legal sustainability.

Important aspects to consider when choosing a solution are that the signature:

  • uniquely identifies the signatory (who)
  • exactly defines the information that is signed (what)
  • clearly provides the intent of the signatory (why)
  • states how the signature was created (how)
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Comfact provides different alternatives in our signature services in order to fulfill customers’ requirements. It is possible to use different levels of sustainability for different types of documents so that, for example, documents with a higher importance are signed with a stronger signature.

One important aspect of selecting a signature service is assigning a degree of confidence in a claimed identity. For example, eIDAS includes three levels of assurance: High, Substantial, and Low. The following examples show how currently available identities map to these levels.

How do you choose which level of assurance you want to use? It is basically for you to decide which probative value you want your signatures to have. A High level provides a high probative value whereas a Low level has a low probative value.

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Unauthorized disclosure of information during a signature process can have serious effects on the involved parties. Comfact Signature has been designed to protect customers’ information from unauthorized disclosure.
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Comfact Signature is designed to prevent the unauthorized modification or destruction of information. Any modification of information during the signature process is restricted and only allowed under certain circumstances.
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Comfact Signature is developed to provide very high availability. Many of the underlying services, such as sending email and SMS messages as well as timestamps have more than two separate alternatives. Comfact IT infrastructure is also redundant to ensure high availability
Reduce work and lead time
With Comfact Signature, you can reduce the lead time of signing documents from days to minutes and your work time from hours to minutes.
Efficient document handling
With Comfact Signature, you can handle your signed documents efficiently. As they are electronic, they can easily be stored, retrieved, and backed up.
Compared with paper in a binder, the advantages are obvious.
General data protection regulation
It is important for our customers and for us that we comply with all regulations. Comfact Signature complies with GDPR handling of personal information, as stated in the Data Processor Agreement.
Improved legal standing
In many cases, a document signed electronically has a higher probative value than a signature on paper. 
Total integration and control
Comfact Signature provides a very well-defined API that allows you to integrate the service with your business applications, at the degree you require.
Reduce ecological footprint
Eliminating signatures on paper, envelopes, and postal transport reduces your environmental footprint.