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Certificate Guide

Certificate guide

In software such as Adobe Reader, documents with digital signatures are automatically validated when opened. In Adobe Reader, it is displayed which certificates can be used for validation. If any certificates are missing, a yellow warning triangle is displayed for the digital signature.

To avoid the warning triangle, certificates can be imported into Windows and then used by Adobe Reader. After import, the digital signature is validated against the certificate and if done correctly, a green check mark will then be displayed.

The steps below describe how to install Comfact Signature certificates on a Windows computer and how to import the certificate into Adobe.

Follow these simple steps
Download certificate
To begin, download the certificate here. When the download is complete, extract the file in the .zip folder.
Adobe Reader
Open Adobe Reader, click on the edit tab in the toolbar (top right), then click on preferences in the dropdown menu.
Add Certificate to trusted list
1. Locate and select "Signatures" in the category list to the left.
2. Click on “more” under “Identities & Trusted Certificates”.
3. Click on “’Trusted Certificates” in the menu to the left. 
4. Click the Import button (blue arrow). 
5. Browse and select the certificate you just downloaded. 
6. Highlight the certificate in the contact field and then highlight it in the certificates field and click “trust...”. 
7. Check “Use this certificate as a trusted root”. Click on "OK" and then on import.
Validate Document
After saving, open the document signed by Comfact and expand the 'Signatures Tab' in the Navigation Panel on the left side. Then, click on "Validate All". The green check mark should appear, meaning that the signed document is validated.


Important notes:

1. You can find and download the certificate here
2. Don't forget to extract the file from the .zip folder
3. When importing the certificate, make sure to select the certificate in the Contact box to make it visible in the box below.
4. At the same step, the "Trust" button will only be enabled once you click the Certificate in the Certificate box.